• The team are working in partnership with PEKE logistics to provide solutions for clients who have the need to put in place decontamination facilities (both mobile and static), and to also be able to provide new solutions to manage the threat from infectious disease.
  • Our solution focuses on how to isolate infectious disease, as well as transport Infected patients via Road or Air.
  • This solution is suitable for MERS/ SARS or Ebola.
  • The Military version of the Isolation Pod was launched in SOMA in December 2014. We are also working with PEKE to deliver CBRNE solutions for Chemical or Biological decontamination.

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  • A real success to the portfolio is the revolutionary Fold Away Ambulance.
  • This versatile training aid provides a simple solution for students who need to experience working in the confined space of an ambulance.
  • Realistic printed graphics simulate the space and environment of an ambulance.
  • Ideal for medical training in Universities, Hospitals, Ambulance Services and NHS Trusts.
  • Fraction of the cost of a real ambulance.
  • Easy and lightweight to transport with handy wheels.
  • Space saving – folds flat when not in use.
  • Bespoke artwork options available to personalise your ambulance*.
  • Left Hand Drive Versions have been produced for both the European and U.S Markets

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*Bespoke artwork options subject to additional costs.

View product demonstration here.

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