• a new high fidelity, low technology simulation solution.
  • iSimulate is a product that uses two iPads and Wifi to enable simulation providers the ability to run a real time simulated medical emergency in a safe and controlled environment which is totally portable.
  • There are two versions ALSi and CTGi both have generated significant interest amongst the education, simulation and resuscitation world.
  • The device replaces the need for expensive Manikins and Defibrillators for teaching, and was recently voted the Best Simulation Application when compared against other available products.
  • ALSi is an Advanced Life support simulation system. (Resuscitation – Sick Patient monitoring).
  • CTGi is a simulator for CTG (Midwifery), (Cardiotocography).
  • The iPad Pro has now been added to the iSimulate system so future proofing the iSimulate experience.



Once a student places the stethoscope on the body, a sensor activates the sound file which the instructor has selected and the student hears the sounds through the stethoscope.

When the student removes the stethoscope, the sounds stops. Setup is as simple as pairing the app with AURiS, which then automatically calibrates the stethoscope. The stethoscope is completely wireless and receives stethoscope sounds from the device at a range of up to 10 meters (30 feet).  System comes packaged with device and app, including multiple different heart, lung and bowel sounds.

AURiS provides the ability to add sounds to your simulations for far less than the cost of current systems. We are able to do this by utilising current technology, enabling you to have access to highly advanced simulation technology without having to worry about the costs that are usually associated with this level of simulation.



REALITi is a new simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing in a single system


Welcome to the future of multi-sensory education simulation and training.

In conjunction with Immersive Interactive UK, our technical experts have developed a truly immersive classroom for medical simulation, educational facilities and commercial use.

Suitable for:

  • Medical & Paramedic education
  • Corporate training
  • Brand engagement

This smart interactive learning tool can be used to create any chosen environment, in high fidelity and at the touch of a button or gesture.

High quality video and audio are combined with interactive surfaces and gesture control. Individual scenes can be further enhanced by adding scents and other effects, such as wind, smoke and coloured LED lighting.

You will have full control over the simulation with an easy to use interface. A simple template allows you to customise scenes and exercises. Video content can be customised to include 360 video, interactive panoramas, 3D graphics, games and exercises.

This exciting new way of providing simulation to all students, clients and colleagues uses video projection onto walls, with the ability to change all environments by a facilitator at the click of a mouse.

An example medical scenario would be to change the room to match the student on a journey from a roadside accident or home setting, to an ambulance, to an emergency department or resuscitation bay, to the operating theatre, and onto the Intensive Care unit or ward setting.

The educational reasons for changing environments to match real world settings are very sound, and we have UK Medical Institutions (Universities) now using the technology to teach their students.

For the medical market, we can import iSimulate directly into scenarios, use live voting and evidence base features, and also use the touch sensitive nature of the walls to create learning experiences.

In a corporate setting, the Immersive Classroom can be used for a multitude of purposes such as decision making exercises, product launches and virtual brand engagement.

The Immersive Classroom is available to buy as a full kit or to hire.

To find out more email or call us on 01202 823175

MDT Immersive ClassroomsImmersive_GoogleEarthMDT Immersive Classroom TubeMDT Immersive Classroom Pub Scenario

  • We believe that the Immersive Education market is the future of education delivery, matching the educational theorists who are based in the constructivist philosophy.
  • Early educational philosophies did not place much value on what would become constructivist ideas; children’s play and exploration was once seen as aimless and of little importance.
  • However, Jean Piaget did not agree with these traditional views. He saw play as an important and necessary part of the student’s cognitive development and provided scientific evidence for his views. Today, constructivist theories are influential throughout the formal and informal learning sectors.
  • In museum education, constructivist theories inform exhibit design. One good example of constructivist learning in a non-formal setting is the Investigate Centre at The Natural History Museum, London. Here visitors are encouraged to explore a collection of real natural history specimens, to practice some scientific skills and make discoveries for themselves.
  • This is exactly the philosophy and technology that we use to structure the learning within the Immersive and Interactive Environment.


immersive 1

  • Syndaver is working with VEO
  • VEO is a new concept based around tagging key moments of video to enhance professional development. VEO’s innovative system also provides evidence to enhance process observation and audit.
  • Integrated video and data provide clear insights which are easily communicated and transformed into organisational knowledge.
  • A secure platform enables sharing of good practice, increasing the focus on individual and organisational improvement.