Why iSimulate?

iSimulate provides smart simulation solutions that are used by organisations across the world. Isimulate mantra is simple – we use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more realistic, cost effective and simpler to use than traditional solutions. Train anywhere at any time with our flexible simulation systems.

  • a new high fidelity, low technology simulation solution.
  • iSimulate is a product that uses two iPads and Wifi to enable simulation providers the ability to run a real time simulated medical emergency in a safe and controlled environment which is totally portable.
  • There are versions for all needs all have generated significant interest amongst the education, simulation and resuscitation world.
  • The device replaces the need for expensive Manikins and Defibrillators for teaching, and was recently voted the Best Simulation Application when compared against other available products.
  • ALSi is an Advanced Life support simulation system. (Resuscitation – Sick Patient monitoring).
  • CTGi is a simulator for CTG (Midwifery), (Cardiotocography).
  • The iPad Pro has now been added to the iSimulate system so future proofing the iSimulate experience.

Hearing is believing

AURiS is a simulation stethoscope with advanced sensor technology.

Once a student places the stethoscope on the body, a sensor activates the sound file which the instructor has selected and the student hears the sounds through the stethoscope. When the student removes the stethoscope, the sounds stops. Setup is as simple as pairing the app with AURiS, which then automatically calibrates the stethoscope. The stethoscope is completely wireless and receives stethoscope sounds from the device at a range of up to 10 meters (30 feet).  System comes packaged with device and app, including multiple different heart, lung and bowel sounds. AURiS provides the ability to add sounds to your simulations for far less than the cost of current systems. We are able to do this by utilising current technology, enabling you to have access to highly advanced simulation technology without having to worry about the costs that are usually associated with this level of simulation.


Realistic and Real – Sounds Great

Heart, Lung, Bowel and Bruit sounds all included. The student only hears sounds when the stethoscope is placed on the body.

A smart integrated modular simulation ecosystem for more reality

REALITi 360 is a modular simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator, CPR feedback and video in a single system. Starting with 2 iPads, REALITi is a highly advanced patient monitor simulator which mimics proprietary monitors and defibrillators. By adding more modules, a complete in-situ simulator with live video streaming, CPR feedback and simulated patient records can be created.

A NEW INTEGRATED SMART SOLUTION FOR MORE REALITY –  NOW AVAILABLE  REALITi is a new simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing in a single system

CPR Feedback Device now can be part of Realiti 360

The ability to deliver effective tidal volumes represents a critical factor when managing newborns requiring manual ventilatory support.

Around 3-6% of all newborn babies require urgent manual ventilatory support and as the need to apply this skill is relatively infrequent, there is a clear need for regular and high quality ventilation training.

To meet this need, the Monivent Neo training device offers a unique training solution for maintaining and improving manual ventilation skills.


The Monivent Neo training device helps minimise the significant risks associated with:

  • Inadequate volumes causing insufficient gas exchange and failed resuscitation
  • Excessive volumes causing lung injuries and an increased risk of IVH

For more information, download the brochure via the link below, watch the product video below or if you want to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

Download Monivent Neo Brochure