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MDT Global Solutions LTD is a new & exciting company providing a specialist programme with three key areas of focus, education, equipment and enterprise.

Based in the United Kingdom, and the Middle East the services that MDTcan provide can be designed for any discerning customer who requires quality and who needs a course that is designed to ensure that a full range of competency assurance frameworks are in place to protect their staff and organisation.

MDT is made up of a specialist team with experience and expertise in providing medical care in the most challenging of pre-hosital circumstances. Through years of experience we can demonstrate quality in everything we offer the customer and dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and proven products and services.

The Team at MDT Global Solutions Ltd are some of the leading paramedic educators within the United Kingdom, with each having 25 years or more of NHS Experience in Pre-Hospital care.

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EDUCATION MDT Global Solutions has a proven track record designing, project managing and delivering a host of high-end educational and vocational courses that are 'fit for purpose'.

MDT can guarantee that all courses delivered will be facilitated by fully qualified staff, who hold the requisite educational and clinical qualifications.

MDT pricdes itself upon the delivery of world leading education principles and value for money education. Our educational ethos is one of innovation and engagement, we use academic principles of adult learning to underpin all of our programs. We use new technologies and developments to enhance student learning and feedback. We have considerable experience of multi-professional education within the United Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), where we have experience teaching classes of mixed nationality, cultures and of different medical grades, including doctors, nurses and paramedics.

All at MDT have backgrounds in pre-hospital education, either serving in the military of having worked closely with the armed forces, understanding the specialities involved. MDT have worked extensively in both the public and private sectors.

MDT have also had key involvement in contributing in advancing the changes within pre-hospital care by contributing as guest reviewers and authors in key teaching manuals and have submitted research papers in key publications both nationally and internationally.

MDT has also worked with key players both in developing education in the pre-hospital and hospital environment. Also working with the United Kingdom (UK) military in developing paramedic practice and guidance on educational developments.

MDT has been respoonsible in designing high quality education programs for UK universities and other vocational programs for National Health Ambulance Trusts and the British Army, MDT are now in a position to assist other clients in the design and the delivery of high quality, evidenced based paramedic education.

MDT has a full range of programs for military and civilian medics, which are intertwined to enable them to attain civilian accredation and academic credit for military learning.

We work with the educational leads and the rescue teams from the USA who train and develop the US Air Force Para-rescue crews (PJs) on behalf of USA SOCOM.

A sample of our programs include:

Tactical Emergency Medical Provider (TEMP) Courses

Courses mapped to:

EQUIPMENT MDT Global Solutions is able to provide high quality technical, medical and rescue equipment, working in partnership with some of the world's elite equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

We have a global team, who either manufacture directly to the customers specification or will source and provide as per any technical request.

MDT are proud to announce that they are able to supply in partnership, Tribalco Division 6 equipment, as part of their technical high end equipment range.

Tribalco has been exclusively awarded the USA, Department of Defense contract for Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) sets. The TICS® combines access capabilities, mobility, and critical care components to support Special Operations Forces (SOFs) in far forward and austere environments where definitive medical support is not available. Integrating Tribalco's core blend of program expertise, worldwide logistics reach, and subject matter experts, TICS® offers advanced system modularity and accessibility along with multiple configurations. These features enhance decentralised teams the ability to self-recover by enabling SOFs to move advanced care as far forward as possible. TICS® aids the advanced tactical practitioner's ability to keep a wounded SOF member alive from the point of wounding to the point of definitive care.

MDT are also proud to be working in partnership with Deployed Logix, Global Logistics Solutions, the equipment provides clients with high quality shelter and mobility solutions. Deployed Logix come with a combined experience of 20 years in the field, that will provide customers a logistical solution. They aim to ensure that they are number one in providing shelter and mobility solutions for clients in every field and industry.

Deployed Logix develop, manufacture and distribute innovative and high quality products; they provide solutions. Clients can count on MDT and Deployed Logix to arrange their entire deployment and setup of remote camps and mobility solutions ranging from shelters to water pumps, to survival accessories. We understand that our clients might be anywhere, everywhere. We are used to travelling directly to where we are needed; MDT and Deployed Logix understand 'International' where global solutions are needed.

Other products from Tribal Co include:

We also supply whole systems of critical care equipment - suitable for converting any vehicle or airframe into a Medi-vac unit.

The MDT team are also promoting

MDT are able to source and work with the client to find definitive equipment solutions.

ENTERPRISE MDT Global Solutions has a proven track record designing, project managing and delivering a host of high-end educational and vocational courses that are 'fit for purpose'.

We are able to apply our vast range of experience to undertake any projects or consultancy roles to find the client a solution that fits both with budgetary and within stated time scales.

MDT is ready to engage in daring or difficult projects that will allow the client the freedom to carry on their core business.

MDT Vision

MDT Global Solutions Ltd plan to continue their expansion into the Middle East, and mainland Europe providing clients access to high-end Education, Equipment, and Enterprise.

Our products are proven and tested; no other pre-hospital education company in the UK or the GCC can equal the strength within the MDT faculty.

With a Multidisciplinary Training Team we can find a solution for you

Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future
- Hippocrates

we give you a fighting chance to save a life

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